Our Values, Philosophy

Our customer wins, therefore we win. Nothing else matters as much.
This is the means and the end, everyday & in the long run.

Incremental continuous results, showstopper problems first - Customer must win daily and see tangible, usable results and value-add on a regular basis – early production-Level quality, well-tested, and usable software, delivered daily/weekly instead of Monthly or Quarterly.

Measure, Measure, Measure … And Publish - We measure clinically, ferociously and track ‘Earned’ vs. ‘Remaining’ business value. We publish for absolute Transparency & Visibility for our customers and employees.

Take ownership - Provide guarantee to delivery, ownership to goals & results, Risk-Share model. We deliver like a vendor, risk-share like a partner.

Involve the best - We bring onboard only the best, most committed, widely experienced and result hungry professionals.

Fun is a serious innovator - Building things is fun and high quality is indeed a by-product of enjoyment, passion and capability.

Simplify - KISS Principle (Keep it Short & Simple). Achieve simplification, reduce systems complexities and drive enablement, ease-of-use and efficiency. Only that is good design & purpose.

Employee Growth & Happiness Index (EGHI) - Our truest asset is happy, capable employees. We know our customers win, only when our employees win. Gritians take pride in being close-knit team, where we help others achieve their personal goals & growth plans. We judge ourselves mercilessly on this index – Employee Growth & Happiness Index, which guides us to be accountable to each other, growth & value driven and true team members.