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About us


Grit team is a unmatched mix of proven expertise in problem solving, design, engineering and creative vision.


We are great also at problem & product ownership, initiative, and strong focus on customer success.


We are also relentless at our lean, incremental, aglie processes to deliver and measure against “delivered-vs-pending” business value on a daily basis.


Technology Verticals

We constantly responded to needs that our customers faced and our own ambition to innovate and achieve highest engineering standards, today, we have 1000s of man-months of expertise in Mobility & large-scale Enterprise (both online & offline working together), Cloud and SaaS technologies, Consumer Adoption & Usability, Live Dashboard, reporting & Analytics, Automation in Sales & Field force, IoT (with dozens types of sensors ) and much much more..

Platforms, Tools

Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, Mac OSX, Embedded Linux, Laravel, Node.js, Django, Ruby on Rails, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), .NET, MobileTV, Social Networking, SyncML, GPS, A-GPS and more..


Measure, Measure, Measure … And Publish – We measure clinically, ferociously and track ‘Earned’ vs. ‘Remaining’ business value. We publish for absolute Transparency & Visibility for our customers and employees.

Grit Tech Stacks Skills

Grit Experts – Skill Base ( % skilled resources)

Cloud, Enterprise Tech - JEE, Node.JS, Spring, Hibernate, PHP, Laravel, Lumen, Kafka, ELK, Redis
Mobility, AI/ML & Enterprise - Apps, Sensors, Android, iOS, ML/AI,
Continuous Integration, DevOps Automation, Agile methodology
Security, Encryption, SSL/TLS, SAML, OAuth, HIPAA, PCI-DSS
AI / ML, Data Science
AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Docker, DevOps Automation
Projects (Large, Turn-Key)
Managed Transactions Volume (Millions Monthly)
Project Experience (Man-months)
Core Team's experience (Man-years)



Strategic R&D, IPR creation for

Our Values

Employee Growth & Happiness Index (EGHI)

Our truest asset is happy, capable employees. We know our customers win, only when our employees win. Gritians take pride in being close-knit team, where we help others achieve their personal goals & growth plans.

Take ownership

Provide guarantee to delivery, ownership to goals & results, Risk-Share model. We deliver like a vendor, risk-share like a partner.

Our customer wins, therefore we win.

Nothing else matters as much.
This is the means and the end, everyday & in the long run.Incremental continuous results, showstopper problems first – Customer must win daily and see tangible.

Our team